There’s alot more to social media marketing than just posting pics on the regular. And in fact most corporations have departments and creative teams that work around the clock to provide professional levels of service and a polished, well branded aesthetic. But just because you don’t have a 6 or 7 figure marketing budget, doesn’t mean you can’t operate like the big guys. Just get these 4 goals right:

The 4 Goals of Social Media Marketing:

1. Listening:

The act of “listening” on your social media networks ensures you are aware of how your company is perceived, and allows you to be responsive to customer service issues.

Additionally engaging in active listening across all platforms gives you the ability to improve your companies offerings by being able to better identify product or service gaps.

Here’s how:

• Manage your company reputation by being aware of what others are saying about your brand, this means responding to comments that are both positive and negative in nature. It’s your responsibility to be aware of any company “mentions” across all social platforms- not just what’s on your feed, and to respond promptly. This could include setting the record straight in response to misinformation (always is the friendliest most positive way!) Or thanking and engaging with accounts when they mention your brand.

• Monitor likes and comments on different images to see what excites your audience

• Monitor keywords that are relevant to your industry to stay on top of trends and consumer demand

• Use social tools to monitor hashtags and mentions across all platforms. I list a couple good tools below!

• Improve customer service, your social media platform is another way for customers to get in touch, make sure you are promptly responding to all their customer service comments and questions

2. Social Influencing

Social influencing refers to the act of sharing relevant content with your audience, building a personality for your brand and engaging with your audience.

Goals of social influencing include:

• Increasing brand awareness
• Establishing authourity- when you teach you build trust
• Increasing engagement rates so that you can have a larger organic reach
• Increasing website traffic by sharing linked content
• Building your retargeting list (a list created by your chosen platform that cookies people who have visited your website so you are able to follow up with relevant ads)

3. Social Networking

Find and associate with authoritative and influential accounts and brands through your social channels! This could mean partnering and collaborating with companies that offer different services/products yet share the same target market. Or it could mean working with social influencers.

Goals of Networking include creating strategic partnerships and earning media mentions.

Ways to network:
• Start building relationships with other companies, you can begin by engaging through your social channels, or sending an outreach email
• Mention and praise brands you’d like to partner with in your posts, be as authentic as possible, it’s not hard to spot a phony baloney
• Create collaborative contests
• Reach out and possibly create campaigns with social influencers in your industry

4. Social Selling

Show me the money! If you have a business chances are you want to make some money. But I’ve got to keep it real with you- most sales are made via email.

That’s not to say you can’t sell directly through your social channels, you definitely should. However the primary goal is still to collect an email address from your audience so that you can follow up with an email sales campaign.

Goals of social selling:
• Generate leads by collecting emails (I told you how to do this last week- click here to read again!)
• Staying top of mind with your audience
• Customer acquisition

A couple key notes:

• Create a branded aesthetic, choose a colour scheme/filter and a couple fonts and then keep them consistent!

• Aim for daily posts but remember quality always comes before quantity!

• Try to engage for 15 minutes 2X per day, engagement within the 1st hour of posting can boost your organic reach- don’t post and ghost!

• Use relevant hashtags, add a geotag and tag other accounts, the more features you use the higher the organic rating • Social media algorithms change often, stay up to date on social media trends (at least once per week read up on changes- I recommend Social Media Today)

Resources for Each Objective

For Social Listening: Mention

For Social Influencing: Later (find, share, create and plan your content)

For social selling: Infusionsoft, gives you complete automation of the social sales cycle and email marketing.

For Social Networking: Buzzsummo let’s you find the top influencers based on your location and keyword.

Brainstorming for post content:

A great way to come up with content ideas for your posts is by creating a topic map or brainstorming lifestyle topics relatable to your market.

For some businesses it’s really easy to find content related to their product or services, but for others it can be more difficult.

Let’s use 1-800-Got-Junk as an example, I don’t think people would be into seeing a pile of garbage in their feeds everyday, but if I did there social media I’d post about:

Cleaning Tips
Decluttering & home organization
Recycling & Repurposing
Community Involvement
Before and Afters of clean homes

Just about any industry can be made fun no matter how mundane it may appear!