social media influencer marketing

If done properly social media marketing can be one of the best ways to build relationships, connect with your audience and generate leads! If done improperly it can be a huge time suck 😩 Below are some tips on enhancing your social media game 👇🏽
Measure Engagement Not Just Follower Count

Everybody is obsessed with their follower count. It’s often difficult for me to convince companies I work with that although follower count is a metric to be considered, it’s far more important to measure your community engagement.

Just about anyone can have a large follower account. There are numerous services where you can purchase followers online for super cheap, and tons of accounts that will follow you just to get followed back. However these accounts could give a shit about you, your company or your message. These accounts are definitely not going to be furthering you towards reaching your business goals

If you’re in the beginning stages of building your business account carefully consider who your company follows, they should either be your target audience or a part of your industry. When you do follow another account engage with them! Leave comments, ask questions or tag them in posts that you think are relevant. When you engage authentically you can start to create a relationship. The accounts you show a genuine interest in are much more likely to engage with you and your posts.

Authentic engagement on social media will increase your organic reach! So instead of building your account by following 20 accounts and hoping some of them will follow you back, instead follow 5 accounts that you feel inspired by and engage!

If you need some inspiration check out Dr. Mona Vand on Instagram, she is an amazing example of how to authentically engage with your audience.

2. How to Create Authentic Engagement

Realize that the goal of any social media platform is to put relevant content in front of a user- they want to show you content that you are the most interested in so that you’ll continue to use their platform.

When you like or comment on a post you tell that platform that you are interested in what’s in front of you, they then use that algorithm to fill your feed with a majority mix of content from accounts you often engage with.

This rewards you, the user, and it rewards the account your following by creating a wider organic (unpaid) reach.

Here’s the thing,  (and honestly something I struggle with too,) you need to invite engagement by creating a small ask of your community. For example:
  • Double tap if this resonates with you

  • Comment with your favourite…

  • Click my latest post to see…

  • Tag a friend who…

  • Ask a question


3. Put a Face to Your Company

If you’re a private person or an introvert, I know this one can be difficult… but if you want to build a genuine connection with your audience you need to put a face to your company. This doesn’t have to be the founder, it can be a team member or whoever’s in charge of your social media. People like to see other people and crave genuine connection. This also plays into the storytelling factor I discussed in my last email. Here’s a couple ways to you can put a face to your company profiles:

  • Talk about why you started your company

  • Show your personal photos

  • Share your successes and struggles in business and in your personal life

  • Discuss your industry, and give opinions on trends

People are over perfectionism, show humility and be authentic!

4. What to post when you feel like you have nothing to say

I think by now everyone understands that it’s important to post consistently- but what do you do when you feel like you have nothing to share?

With my clients each month I try to think of the categories that are relevant to their business and create a post around each category. Remember your social media platforms should be used for being, you know- social. Yes you can sell but that should always be secondary to relationship building. With every photo ask yourself how can I use this image to connect to my audience? In relation to your category or subject use these ideas for inspiration when planning your posts.

  • Share daily ritual and routines (Remember to encourage your followers to tell you about theirs too!)

  • Share what you’re tackling to do for the day, or what’s on the agenda

  • Find a quote, or pull a few lines from a book or a song that resonates with you or your company mission and share why

  • Share a personal passion or cause and why it resonates with you (ask your followers to tell you about theirs)
  • Use a heartfelt testimonial as a quote in your image, then use your caption to elaborate

5. Get Gorgeous Photography for FREE!

Sadly we don’t all have the budget for professional photography but that doesn’t mean your feed cant look like a million bucks! Here are my favourite places to find FREE stock photography that looks anything but cheap:

  1. Unsplash

  2. Death to Stock Photo

  3. SC Stock Shop (Get on the Insider’s List for free pics)

  4. PixaBay