email list building

List Building 101

Do you have an email list? If not then now’s the time to get started.

Having an audience on social media is amazing and important but the the vast majority of people are still purchasing through email.

Another kicker… You can build an audience on any platform but you don’t really own that audience or have control over it, the platform does.

Maybe you’ve heard of the hashtag #DeleteFacebook? That’s pretty scary for a lot of business owners who have spent tons of time and money building a following. Don’t be at the mercy of the social media giants, start building your list today!

Here’s How:

  1. Create Gated Content: Content that can only be acessed once a user has entered their email address. Below I’m giving you a kick ass 4 step formula that will help you create content your audience Actually WANTS!

  2. Create  a landing page for your gated content. I would suggest if you’re a beginner signing up for MailChimp and using their email sign up forms and landing pages. It’s so simple to use and free.

  3. Run a traffic campaign to your landing page, create ads on the social media platform where your target market hangs out. If you don’t know start researching. If you’re not ready to start paid advertising then start promoting your content through your social channels. But do know that it’s impossible to scale organic traffic, if you’re really ready to explode your business it’s essential to use paid traffic campaigns.

  4. Once someone has opted in, make sure you send them a quick email introducing yourself and your company.

    What Content is so IRRESISTIBLE to your Target Market that they will be willing to give you their email address?

    I’m going to give you this  genius formula on how to find out exactly what your market wants to know so that you can give it to them.

    (PS this was handed down to me from one of my favourite Marketing Gurus Perry Belcher)

    Find Out These 4 Things, Example Below
    What does your market search?
    What does your market watch watch?
    What does your market buy?
    What does your market share?

    In this example you’re a health or wellness company selling a weight loss solution, could be a gym, shake, piece of equipment, whatever but your target market wants to lose weight, and you’re trying to create a piece of content that they will exchange their email address for, here’s what ya do.

    1. Go to Google and see what questions are being googled the most:

    I typed in “How to lose weight” and these are the top results that came up, the first 3 are about losing weight in a short time period.

    2. Go to Youtube and see what videos are being watched the most:

    What is your target market watching? Head on over to Youtube. Again I put in the same query and the most popular results came up. No surprise here, again our target market wants to know how to lose weight in a short time frame in the top results.


    What is your target market buying? I inputed into Amazon “diet books for weight loss” these are the top 2 books that came up.

    “The Number 1 Rapid Weight Loss System for Busy People”

    “The Dash Diet, 2 Weeks to Drop Pounds”

    3. Go to Amazon and see what your market is buying:

    email list building

    4. What content is your market sharing and engaging with online: I typed in the query “How to lose weight” again 2 of the 3 top results mentioned a short time frame for weight loss.


    I think at this point it’s pretty safe to say that the top priority for people who are trying to lose weight is the time frame.

    I did this search completely randomly and I did not expect each search to give such consistent results, however I’m thankful it did for the ease of this example!

    Once you know what your market wants to know give them the answer in the most specific and actionable way possible. You can use sites like Quora  or obviously google the answers.