So… What’s Your Story?

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories that you tell.” ~Seth Godin

Since the beginning of humanity people have been telling stories. And a good story with characters and a premise will stand the test of time. Brands that master the art of storytelling establish deeper connections and loyalty with their target audience- leading to an effortless sale.

Don’t know where to start?

Forget B2B or Business to Consumer- think human to human.

You can easily begin to create your brand story by:
• Putting a face to your company
• Increasing transparency and sharing your progress (Give your audience an inside look at your company)
• Have a clear vision of your company mission and share what motivates you and your team to come to work each day
• Tell your audience about how your company came to be

Need some inspiration?

This article brilliantly explains how Nike implements storytelling into their marketing

Soul Cycle also crushes their brand storytelling read about them here.

2. Copywriting: The art and science of writing words that sell!

If you’re new to marketing and wondering where to start I’d recommend the first skill you should master is copywriting. Good copywriting will GRAB your users attention and spark a desire. It can also be used to enhance your social media profiles, ads, creative and just about everything you do to market your company.

This is probably the best blog post on the internet that breaks down exactly how you should be writing copy with examples.


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