How is it possible that a beauty brand winning awards in the luxury skincare category is selling their products 10X less than their competitors while still growing at a rate so exponential they were able to launch 10 brands in 3 years with over 2.5 million units of product sold?

Company Summary

Fanatical about results, passionate about science and obsessed with transparency

Deciem is a Canadian born beauty company with 10 product lines, ranging from skincare to health supplements, founded in 2013. Products are sold mainly through their own stores, department stores, e-commerce, and select retailers. Deciem manages all aspects of their supply chain including operating their own laboratory, and handling their manufacturing, sales and marketing infrastructure all in house. Deciem’s products are hugely popular with millennials and speak to consumers looking for functional products based on science.

When Deciem launched in 2013 they had 1 product and 3 employees. In 2014 after just over a year in business their sales reached $50m, with 4 brands and 30 products. They continue to grow at rapid speed with 10 product lines and over 300 employees operating from their Toronto head office.

Industry Disruption

Deciem was founded by Brandon Truaxe, who decided to develop his own lab after becoming embittered with the beauty industry’s deceitful marketing messages, lack of integrity and jaw-dropping markups.

“Commonplace technologies are referred to as groundbreaking, and insensible pricing strategies confuse the audience,” -Brandon Truaxe, Deciem Founder

The tagline for one of Deciem’s skincare lines, The Ordinary,  is simple:

“Clinical formulations with integrity,”

something that is distinctively missing in the beauty industry.