5 Women in Business You Should Know

To be successful in any business, a person must possess certain qualities that separate them from the pack. Some of the top people in business have leadership skills, are unafraid to take risks, have a competitive spirit, ambition and likability.

The following 5 women have all proven they possess these qualities and many more. Their rise through the ranks should inspire women to never settle for less and follow their passion.

  1. Cindy Eckert


Cindy Eckert is anything but conventional. You may have heard of one of her company’s products, which was dubbed the “female Viagra” in the media. In the past 10 years the self-made serial entrepreneur created and sold two businesses for more than $1.5 billion.

A vocal advocate for women, Cindy is on a personal mission to make women all over the world incredibly rich. Her organizations The Pink Ceiling/Pinkubator invest in and mentor other women to help them find and achieve their purpose. Her story is one of making waves and delivering big results and she is committed to helping other women do the same.

  1. Marie Forleo


Marie is a born and bred Jersey girl who has built a socially conscious digital empire with nothing more than passion, a laptop and a dream. Her award-winning show MarieTV offers world-class online training. She has also written a book that has been translated into 16 languages and has a massive following of people in over 190 countries.

As a youngster, Marie was a bit obsessed with human potential. Her desire to understand what made people successful and happy led her to create a business that helps people dream big and take meaningful action to create results.

But Marie’s real success story was recognizing that her multitude of seemingly unrelated passions and skills (writing, hip-hop, psychology, entrepreneurship, creativity, spirituality, fitness and philanthropy), were an asset, not a liability, as she had once believed. Her own background made her coin the phrase “multi-passion entrepreneur” to help others recognize success doesn’t require you to fit into a neat little box.

  1. Ali Brown


What happens when you’re are named the “Entrepreneurial Guru for Women” by Business News Daily? You’re recognized the world over as someone who can help others get their brand off the ground. And Ali Brown does just that. Offering coaching advice to over 250,000 followers, Ali has also been named one of the Enterprising Women of the Year by Enterprising Women Magazine and was included in the Ernst & Young Class of Entrepreneurial Winning Women. Of course, this is only a handful of awards and accolades Ali has received over the years.

Ali often shares her story of having put all of her money and savings into her first startup. At one point in her early days she was so broke and couldn’t even take $20 out of the ATM machine. But Ali hung in there, followed her path, and became a self-made millionaire. And now she shares her strategies with other entrepreneurs, helping them realize their dreams without quite as much sweat equity as she had to give.

  1. Claire Wasserman


Claire Wasserman is the founder of “Ladies Get Paid,” a career development platform that helps women negotiate for pay and power at work. In less than three years, she created a community of more than 30,000 women from around the world.

Claire has also been named to the Well + Good Council and chosen as one of Bumble’s 112 most inspiring New Yorkers. Claire has brought her background in marketing, media, tech and design together to nurture relationships with women and help them thrive in what can sometimes feel like an uneven business world.

  1. Lilly Singh 


Lilly is one of those young women who shows the world you really can DO IT ALL. As a multi-faceted comedian, entertainer, and actress, Lilly has created a following of over 12 million Youtube subscribers.  She is also a New York Times best selling author of the book HOW TO BE A BAWSE: A Guide to Surviving Conquering Life.

But perhaps Lilly’s greatest achievement to date is creating her #GirlLove initiative with the mission to break the cycle of girl-on-girl hate and encourage women to build each other up. Of course, even philanthropists can “make bank” and at her young age, Lilly was named Forbes’ 10th best-paid YouTube star of 2017 with annual earnings of roughly $10 million.

This group of powerful women are an inspiration. I encourage you to read more about them to glean some invaluable strategies and life lessons