Hello! I’m Natasha the owner and operator of Transparency Digital Agency. I am a Marketing Consultant, Branding Strategist and Graphic Designer having worked in marketing, advertising and business development since 2008 (in just about every role!) I studied at the British Columbia Institute of Technology in the fields of both Marketing Management for consultancy as well as Graphic Design and Media Production. 

In addition to a formal education and almost a decade of experience, I have also trained with North America’s leading Digital Marketing experts, and am certified by Digital Marketer HQ, one of the world’s most trusted voices in the digital marketing industry, in Social Media Management and Advertising.

My agency specializes in digital marketing, including social media management and advertising, email marketing and the development of online sales funnels, we support our strategies with the design of creative materials including videos, ads, web design and digital posters/ads.  In addition to myself I also work with a team of talented subcontractors. We handles projects of all sizes, from a single campaign or piece of media to a complete corporate branding.  

Our Approach

In order to cut through the clutter I am a passionate advocate of incorporating an artistic and innovative design approach with a well thought out marketing strategy. Our agency centres our strategies around storytelling, meaning your story should be the foundation of your brand with your marketing efforts constantly revolving around and supporting that foundation. Additionally exceptional customer service is key. Your customers are going to be looking you up online- what will come up? Hopefully something. Probably reviews, your webpage and your social media. Your online presence will tell your prospects whether or not they can trust you. Shitty reviews, frustrating  or poorly designed websites lacking functionality and information will lead to a lack in confidence. But on the flip side providing an online experience that delivers quality content, easy to use websites, glowing reviews and a social conversation will build not only trust but enthusiasm.